Understanding the Energy Strategy of Russia towards EU

Rashad Alakbarov

Considering the fact that energy resources allocated unequally over the globe some regions are dependent on energy supply to meet their demand and seek for getting alternative energy sources to decrease dependence from one particular supplier. Russia is one of the key energy producer in the region, and energy resources is one of the most influential factor in its foreign policy especially towards the European Union. Taking into account that the policy of diversification of energy supplies and sources of the EU is incompatible with Russia's wish to increase its role in the European energy market, it is important to analyze Russia's response to this policy and ways of preventing alternative roots to the EU countries. The study aimed to answer mainly following questions: Can Russia prevent alternative energy roots to the EU? To what extent alternative roots can decrease the EU's dependence on Russian supply? Owing to the fact that after sharp increase in oil prices economy of resource rich countries developed due to oil revenues, this study will start to analyze Russian energy policy since 2008 when oil prices surged to 147 $. To answer research questions both qualitative and quatitative methods have been used by doing interviews with the experts, using quantitative data for comparing capacity of exporter states in order to analyze difference between all alternative sources.

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